Cars & Boats

Shipping a Car or a Boat

Shipping a Car or a Boat  to Denmark will imply that you investigate what is needed in terms of documentation and financial planning.
The easy part is the transportation, when using Motorships as your transport agent. Motorships is an international Car & Boat shipper with vast experience in moving cars to Denmark and other destinations.

Motorships are specialized in container auto transport and Ro/Ro (ferry alike). We strongly recommend these methods for being the best and most secure way to receive your Car or Boat.
We offer both a standard sole container service and shared for your Car. Regardless of which you choose, loading will be carried out to highest standards via our global partners.
You will be able to deliver your Car or Boat to one of our US locations. We will alternatively be able to arrange for your Car or Boat to be picked up as place of purchase.
Major Destinations in Denmark will be:
Specifically for Import from the US Please allow up to 4 weeks sailing time to destination depending on the origin.

You will need to consider Taxes, Duties and Import Customs before purchase:

Before purchase we suggest that you determine importation taxes into Denmark. This part can be quite expensive if you do not meet the exemption requirements.
The initial customs tax, which is standard for the EU, is 1,7% for a Boat and 10% for a Car plus VAT of 25%. However if the Car exceed 30 years of age then there will be no taxes and VAT of only 5%.
The tax rate is based on the value of the Car or Boat, inclusive of actual shipping costs and the actual import duty. These costs has to be added on top of the price of the purchased.

Cars specific


For visitors registering their car, there is a Registration Tax which needs to be paid at a SKAT registry office located in major cities.
o For shorter stays, up to 185 days, it is possible to apply for a permit allowing you to drive a vehicle registered in a foreign country during the time spent in DK. You will however be required to pay Registration Tax if the stay is longer.
o For longer duration stays, you will either be required to pay the standard Import Duty and VAT for Denmark. If you are eligible and meet the requirements to be exempt from Duty and VAT. You then will be able to Import your Car to DK as Duty Free.

- Important note
For a new Car there will have to be paid Registration Tax no later than six months from arrival and registration with the local community.
- Duty and VAT Exemption Eligibility for Imported Vehicles
You need to provide foreign registration documents for the vehicle
You are not allowed to sell, rent out, or dispose of the vehicle in any way before after 12 months upon arrival.
You are able to provide documentation you have lived outside the European Union for longer than 12 months
You need to consider a vehicle annual tax.
For more information about Car import into DK visit the SKAT website.

- Shipping
For further information on any of the above car shipping services to Denmark, please call and discuss your needs with one of our specialists

Motorships offers two type Transport Insurances each with different coverage:

A-terms Insurance covering All Risks
C-terms Insurance covering Total Loss
For more information please check

Boat specific


Check whether the seller has provided ownership documents and can guarantee clear title and including a CE Certificate if the boat was built after June 1998
VAT invoice (if applicable) and Registration Certificate and Bill(s) of Sale.
Identify a suitable marine surveyor (to check whether the boat and its engine / equipment is in sound condition and seaworthy).
Agree on and view all the equipment to be included in the sale.
Arrange insurance prior to completion.
Check whether the boat is currently mortgaged. If mortgaged, check how it will be paid off before completion.
Check how many hours on the engine.
Check if the boat needs any repairs.
Check what accessories come with the boat.
Check if the boat was regularly maintained.

- Do not forget any Document at closing:
Ship registration document.
Warranties and manuals.
Service bills for equipment or repairs.
Invoice and receipt for the purchase.
Sale Contract signed by all owners (if more than one).
Closing statement that breaks down costs and funds paid in by you.

Motorships offers two type Transport Insurances each with different coverage:

A-terms Insurance covering All Risks
C-terms Insurance covering Total Loss
For more information please check